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Since 2013, the Slow Cosmétique Association has been promoting more artisanal, healthy and reasonable cosmetics. Every year, it awards the Slow Cosmétique Label to committed brands after careful examination of the formulas and packs, but also of the business model and claims. This label guarantees both with clean formulas and reasonable marketing. More than 300 brands are labeled to date in 10 countries.

Go on the website and check their values and militant actions:

Association Slow Cosmétique website

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Born out of the desire to educate consumers about natural, organic and ethical cosmetics, but also to support projects until they succeed in an ecosystem registered in the Social Solidarity Economy, La Maison de la Cosméthique aims to goal of training, pooling, enhancing, developing, and also having a positive impact on the societal landscape thanks to:

● Practical workshops and professional training
● Support for the development of projects and companies in the natural, organic and ethical cosmetics sector
● Awareness events for the general public

La Maison de la CosmEthique website

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Bilingual French-English bimonthly magazine designed for professionals in the cosmetics and perfumery industry, EXPRESSION COSMETIQUE provides insight at unifying the whole chain of beauty (marketing, formulation, innovation, regulation, business…) from ingredients to packaging through a practical and concise treatment of information and a cutting-edge expertise in the field of ingredients. EXPRESSION COSMETIQUE proposes practical answers to specific problems such as marketing trends, practical fact sheets on formulation, expert opinions, technical counseling, research articles and much more…  such as previews and reviews of flagship events.


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Expertise Végane Europe, better known by the acronym EVE VEGAN (registered trademark), is a certification body dedicated to vegan products. EVE VEGAN works in the vegan field to guarantee compliance with various criteria and issues certificates of conformity for raw materials, products or production workshops in the fields of food, cosmetics or textiles

Expertise Végane Europe website

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Created in 2009 by Anne-Cécile and Nicolas Guillemot, Dynvibe is one of the pioneers and leaders of Social Media Intelligence. At the forefront of innovation, Dynvibe delivers comprehensive consumer studies on the various global markets based on data available on social media. Dynvibe has many international clients such as L'Oréal, Dior, PUIG, COTY, Coca-Cola, BIC, Petit Navire, BEL, ...

Website Dynvibe

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This is the web magazine of organic ingredients, founded by GAELLE FREMONT. You can follow the trends in ingredients, food products and food supplements as well as various news (suppliers, sectors and markets, trade shows, innovative ingredients, R & D, nutrition ...) not to mention articles on regulations, certification ... There is also the Ingrebio directory available to find quality suppliers or ingredients / products!

INGREBIO website

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LeBlogBio.fr shares tips, ideas, discoveries to adopt an organic, healthy life, zero waste.

LE BLOG BIO website

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Looking for the latest CBD trends in Europe and overseas? CBD Nation is a French news website covering any cannabidiol or hemp related news. This is THE go-to website for CBD consumers and professionals in France. You will find anything related to the latest trends, scientific researches, current legislation, or CBD buying guides.

CBD NATION website

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    The SMMMILE association was founded in 2016 by Nicolas, Sylvain and Jean-Benoît. Since then, the SMMMILE Festival - Vegan & Pop is held every year in September and will celebrate its 4th Birthday in 2019!

    Throughout the year, the SMMMILE team organise several events: SMMMILE OFF, networking events and the promotion of innovative vegan initiatives and the SMMMILE Parties, pop-up versions of the festival condensed over a day, from noon to midnight.

    SMMMILE website

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    Created in 1993, the PAI club is an Association that brings together food professionals. It aims to create a dynamic to better define and make known PAI channels, exchange experiences and communicate better to users and the specialised press. The Club carries out market research and networking sessions.

    Club PAI website

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      NutriMarketing is a French agency involved in the monitoring of innovation, the developpement of new products and the communication in nutrition.

      NUTRI MARKETING website

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        VISORE is a curator of interactive digital experiences for fashion, beauty and hospitality. Using their innovative interactive magazine, they are reinforcing the relationship between brands and their customers, as well as direct-to-consumer interactions.
        Their mission is to essential re-forge a mutual admiration and appreciation between consumers and a brand by providing a way to balance a brand’s need for adaptability with the individual consumer’s need for sustainable transformation.

        VISORE website

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        In 2017, two sisters: Yaroslava Perkhova and Vasilisa Perkhova founded the journal "Ecology and Business", publishing a special issue for "the year of ecology" in Russia. The journal covers the following areas:

        • Politics

        • Manufacturing and industry

        • Agriculture 

        • Technology

        • Beauty and Health

        • Science and education

        • Recycling

        • Environment

        • Healthy lifestyle / ecotourism.

        Website Ecology and Business

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