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Workshops Programme

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09:30  - 10:00 

Mascara Revolution: How to create a natural long wear mascara with natural ingredients, colorants, and eco-friendly biodegradables, for a greener world.

Luisa Oliva, CEO & Founder LO Consulting

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09:30 - 10:00 

Solid Cosmetics: how to remove the obstacles to consumption

Emmanuelle Dumas, M.A beauty & wellness -  Ludvina Sanchez President founder, Pachamamaï - Marie Lassara President founder, Mamik -  Sandrine Lecointe president founder, Oane - Julien Lombard cofounder, l'entreprise United Cosmeticians

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10:00  - 10:30  

10 tips to make your brand visible in the media

Emeline Le Saoût & Morgane Min, co-founder of de Comme Une Bavarde


10:30  - 11:00

Monitoring the market to eco-innovate: Focus on the latest trends and disruptive launches.

Sophie Guilbaud, Cosmetikwatch scientific director

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10:00 -10:30  

The patented “eToxiSafe by Toxi Plan®” approach: how to reduce the ecotoxic impact of cosmetic formulas on aquatic and terrestrial ecosystems

Gregory Voisin, founder Toxi Plan

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10:30  - 11:00  

How to create the formulas of tomorrow thanks to AI

Lucas Nanini, Head of Good Face Europe and Asia

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11:00  - 11:30


Sandrine Lecointe, Entrepreneur & expert consultant in Cosmetic Eco-design

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11:00  - 11:30   

Nutricosmetics: Towards a holistic approach to beauty

Ophélie Ouazzany, founder OO Conseil

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11:30  - 12:00

How does Social Intelligence reveal the star ingredients of tomorrow?

Céline UHLRICH, Dynvibe

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11:30 -12:00   

High Shine Lip Oil : 

How to create natural lip oil for a long-lasting unparalleled shine. It contains natural ingredients, including colorants, eco-friendly and biodegradables for a greener world

Luisa Oliva CEO & Founder Lo Consulting

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12:00  -  12:30

When eco-responsibility meets caring cosmetics

Adrien Augé & Nadia Kanté founders Mussofi, Aminata Mbaye founder Wuré Cosmétics, Séverine Privat founder Boucles Libres - Members La Maison de la Cosmethique

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Pause Lunch

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13:30 - 14:00

Complex and sophisticated: How to develop a facial treatment and the sensoriality of its texture

Marie Bousquet, expert and trainer at ORALI

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14:00 - 14:30

High Shine Lip Oil : 

How to create a natural lip oil for a long-lasting, unparalleled shine. It contains natural ingredients, colorants, and eco-friendly biodegradables for a greener world.

Luisa Olia, CEO & Founder LO Consulting

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12:00 - 12:30

Authentic and simple: How to challenge the formulation of natural hair care

Marie Bousquet, expert and trainer at ORALI


Pause Lunch

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13:30 - 14:00

Cosmetic formulation and valorisation: the key to the success of your launches

Marie-Odile Hecht - Director of Cosmoya & Emilie Obre President and co-founder of Elysia Bioscience

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14:00 - 14:30

High-performance and natural makeup, the trends of a dynamic market

Aurélie Banco, founder CO-LAB-ORA

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14:30 - 15:00

How do consumers influence the creation of cosmetics today?

Ranesha GOOROCHURN, Founder of Crème de toi

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14:30 - 15:00

Stay hydrated! How and why?

Léa Pellerin, Naturopathe and founder Homa

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15:00  -  15:30

Engaged Beauty: the challenge of contributing brands

Emmanuelle Dumas, President ma Wellness & Beauty

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15:00  - 15:30  

Mascara Revolution :

How to create natural long wear mascara with natural ingredients, including colorants, eco-friendly, biodegradables, for a greener world.

Luisa Oliva, CEO & founder LO Consulting

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15:30  -  16:00

Scalpcare: Which 100% natural raw ingredients should be favored to take care of your scalp?

Julie Pernet, Docteure en Pharmacie, Présidente de MakeMyMask 

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15:30  - 16:00  

Daily Cosmetics to change your life

Michelle Joets , Fondatrice  Haniarom x La Maison de la Cosmethique

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16:00  -  16:30

Why get into nutricosmetics?

Véronique SANCEAU, Active’s Mag/Connect Editor

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16:00  - 16:30  

Manage your raw materials well to create healthy cosmetics

Xavier Labourier - President of Quarks Safety

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16:30  -  17:00 

Powder, the trendy galenic for your next launch

Claire Coatanlem, Cosmetics Activity Manager

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16:30 - 17:00  

Decryption on EPR Water and opportunities to be seized for the cosmetics sector

Sophie AUBERT - Consulting Director at (RE)SET

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17:00  - 17:30

After K-beauty, the Afro-beauty market is exploding. Key figures, trends and opportunities for brands

Jeanne POUHE, co-founder of the YPB association and host of The Colors network

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