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09:00  - 09:30 

The objectification of the impact of Cosmetic formulas on the aquatic environment

Audrey LE BOHEC , Pharmacist - Quality Manager Helioscience

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09:00 - 09:30 

Cosmetics and well-being: when science serves our emotions!

Lauriane IMBERT-ROUX, Biology Laboratory Manager, Greentech

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09:30  - 10:00  

Natural and effective cosmetics: which tests to meet consumer expectations?

Pascale Barlier Founder of Cos&Co & Emmanuelle Dumas Founder of m.a Wellness & Beauty

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09:30 -10:00  

The new era of biobased cationics, for unique galenics

Milène Richard - Formulation project manager and Clémentine Martin-Lepicard - Regulatory and commercial affairs manager

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10:00  - 10:30

Why integrate ecotoxicology into your eco-responsible development?

Charline Radola Fondatrice et (éco)toxicologue 


10:30  - 11:00

 I Feel Good' to New Heights: The Role of Biodesign in Tomorrow's Beauty 

Dr. Matthias Förster, Business Director EMEA & ASIA

Geltor, Inc.

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10:00  - 10:30  

Water activates S-100® a paradigm shift for dermo-cosmetics 

Georges Bouille - CEO ADWATIS SA

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10:30  - 11:00   

Happy Cosmetics ! "Beauty through colors"

Exploring the Beauty of Bresil, Discovering Valuable Insights into Cosmetic brands and Ingredients

Dr Luisa Oliva, CEO Lo consulting

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11:00  - 11:30

Plants and biotechnologies: an unlimited source of inspiration

Stéphanie Alves - Business Development Manager of Vytrus Biotech

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11:00 -11:30   

UP-CYCLING 360 or how to combine active ingredient and functional ingredient from the same up-cycling strategy.

Gabrielle MORO, Marketing & Business, Development Director


11:30  -  12:00

Deciphering well-being in cosmetics

Xavier Jardin, Directeur Commercial France - Lucas Meyer Cosmetics

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11:30 - 12:00

Comparaison studies between Sequential skin care versus Monocare formula over 28 days

Alain Saintrond, CEO - The innovation company

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12:00  -  12:30

Innovative sun protection products with less impact on marine ecosystems

Pauline Cotinat, cofounder & President of INNOV&SEA

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12:00  - 12:30

The incredible journey of a promising strain

Hishda Mohamed, technical marketing coordinator and Marina Maudouit, Sales representative France.

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13:45  -  14:30

Which keys for indie brands to succeed in order to last in a saturated market

Table ronde Pascale Brousse founder Trend Sourcing - Christophe Bombana founder 100BON - Kelly Massol founder les Secrets de Loly - Fleur Phelipeau founder D-LAB - Chantal Soutarson founder Beauty Toaster & More

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12:30  - 13:00  

Well-being and aging well: essential natural active ingredients

Laurie VERZEAUX, Scientific communication project leader, Silab

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PAUSE - Discovery session: Sophrology to manage my stress

Fanny Chamouleau, Sophrologue - Sophroimpact

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14:00  - 14:30  

Biotechnology and Circular Economy, towards more sustainable beauty with the Givaudan Biorefinery!

Melanie Duprat, Category Manager & Sustainability representative - Givaudan Active Beauty

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14:30  -  15:00

How to comply with the regulations in the context of the personalisation/reconstitution of cosmetic products?

Elodie BUSSO founder of Regul Beauty

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14:30  - 15:00  

Why Formulate Differently for Ethnic Beauty

Olivia PAUL, founder of BrownSkin Beauty

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15:00  -  15:30

The multifunctional plant based experience


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15:00  - 15:30  

Stress & Sleep: how can you innovate in 2023 on these top sales in Food Supplements in pharmacies

Véronique Traynard – Regulatory and Scientific Affairs Consultant, Rni Conseil

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15:30  -  16:00 

Together towards Cosmetics with a positive impact: let's share our commitments  

Armelle LE PENIEC , Cosmetic actives ingredients director, LABORATOIRES EXPANSCIENCE

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15:30 - 16:00  

Sunscreen formulas of natural origin - Formulation tips to stabilise them, optimise their sensoriality and their effectiveness.

Anne-Sophie Gardes - EMEA Regional Technical Director – Beauty & Personal Care

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16:00  -  16:45

Eco-responsibility and Regenerative Economy in Cosmetics

Panel Elodie Carpentier, Justine Hutteau, Louis Marty, Isabelle Rabier

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16:45  - 17:15

Nutricosmetics: what if we go further?

Mathilde CHATAIGNER, PhD in Nutrition and R&D project manager

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16:00  - 16:30  

Solar In&Out: how to develop the right synergy of products

Ophélie Ouazzany founder of OO conseil & Muriel Morelli founder of Muriel Morelli Sciences & Cosmetics

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16:30  - 17:00   

Cosmetics at the time of the environmental revolution: transforming constraints into opportunities!

Géraldine POIVERT, President, co-founder de (RE)SET

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17:15  - 17:45

High-performance & natural make-up, trends in a dynamic market 

Aurelie Banco, Founder CO-LAB-ORA

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17:45  -  18:00


Best Ingredient - Best Formulation - Best Innovation

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